Welcome to the first annual Denver Beerathon!

The original idea behind the Beerathon was to create a marathon event for those of us whose enthusiasm for running stops at making a beer run. So, rock out all day with beer and bands – it’s the most fun you can have legally. You’ll leave with some great memories.

Denver’s 1st Annual Beerathon follows the overwhelming success of Beerathons that have taken place in New York City, Boston, Washington DC, Houston, and Savannah, and takes you on a carefully planned route through 26 bars to experience 26 craft beers.

Enter the Denver Beerathon with a team of friends or office mates and show your spirit with matching Tees, or go solo and meet other Denver craft beer lovers. Brew new friendships, try different beers and discover your strength as you make your way across downtown’s urban neighborhoods. Finishing is optional, participation is not! Do you have what it takes?

And the best part? You’ll be giving to local charity, Excelsior Youth Center, while getting your Beerathon on. Drinking craft beer has never felt this good.

The Official Denver Beerathon is a production of Beerathon LLC, a New York Limited Liability Company.